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From an ancient recipe that belonged to the nobles of Belvedere Marittimo (CS) who lived in the Angevin-Aragonense Castle of the Bellumvideri feud in medieval times, 30 Nodi is prepared with an infusion of alcohol, wild herbs and ancient and native citrus peels typical of Riviera dei Cedri. The soft and velvety taste, the characteristic and inebriating citrus scent and the intense amber color make it unique and inimitable. n nAmaro Incluso is a project launched together with the A.IAS (Italian Association of Spastic Assistance) section Cetraro, with a view to involving young people from difficult social situations in workshops that recall ancient local traditions. This is how the Amaro 30 knots was born, produced under the supervision of professionals who accompany the children along the production stages. , therefore, it is very limited. We are however happy to share some bottles with you. sone!

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