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Summer Collection TwentyTwenty


We thought this new menu full of seasonal proposals, enhancing from the land, sea, and nature what is given us in these times.

A gastronomic journey  that seeks to combine    slow cooking and  ancient territorial traditions interpreted and presented in a contemporary way

To Start

The "Donna Carmelina" Cutting Board


Capocollo, raw ham, salame, bacon,

caciocavallo (cured cheese) seasoned in 'cave cow podolica',   Crotonese pecorino (first

salt   cheese   of    fresh goat milk),    organic   vegetables in extra virgin olive    oil, marmalade of our production    (1,7)

€ 13,00

€ 14,00

Once Upon A    Time   In    Calabria


'Pepi and patane'    sweet peppers and potatoes, roulade   from   Sila    potato and bacon, aubergine meatballs, polenta with fennel and black swine sausage,

ricotta meatball, hot Calabrian bruschetta,

'peperoni cruschi'  drought and then fried sweet peppers of local ancient receipt (1,7)

The Triumph  Emotion   On    The Table


Capocollo, raw ham, salame, bacon,

Caciocavallo (cured cheese) seasoned in 'cave cow podolica', Crotonese  pecorino (first

salt cheese of    fresh goat milk),  organic vegetables in extra virgin olive oil,  marmalade of our production, 'pepi and patane' sweet peppers    and potatoes,

roulade potato  from Sila    and bacon, 

aubergine meatballs, polenta with fennel and  black swine    sausage,

ricotta meatball, hot Calabrian bruschetta,

'peperoni cruschi' drought  and the fried  sweet peppers of local ancient receipt  (1,7)


€ 18,00

The Sea of Flavors & Knowledge


The proposal includes 4 tastings between the hotness and coldness of our

sea in the daily imagination    of the chef  on the

the basis of  availability of the daily catch 


€ 15,00

The  Tartare  Twins  & La    Grand Marinad


Fresh salmon  mini tartare with avocado and lime,

fresh tuna mini tartare  with  poppy-seeds and

cranberry,  marinated of    the day with    citrus fruits

( 4,8,11)


€ 20,00

The First Course

€ 14,00

The  Pacchero  Pasta Of The Tyrrhenian Sea


Gragnano paccheri pasta with diced fresh tuna,   red onion from Tropea ,  Belvedere capers, black olives, Pachino cherry tomatoes     and a sprinkling of pistachio from Bronte (1,4,8)

His Majesty The   Gnocco

Fresh  potato gnocchi  from  the  Sila IGP with confit, 

Pachino  cherry tomatoes and  cod (1,3,4)

€ 13,00

€ 11,00

The Maccheruni At   N'duja

Fresh   ' maccheroncini al ferretto'   macaroni  made  with undewire for knitting with original Spilinga n'duja,  red onion from Tropea and crispy bacon (1,3)

The Fusillo   In The Belvedere Way

Fresh Fusilli  made    by us with  slow-cooking    sauce and

meatballs of choice (1,9)

€ 13,00

Rice    With  Pumpkin   Flower And Wheat   Crumble

Rice "Arborio" from  Sibari grand reserve  with  pumpkin  flowers  and

crumble of  local Buonvicino's  bread  (1,8)

€ 12,00

The Second  Course

€ 15,00

 Swordfish Rolls

Fresh swordfish rolls   with   Mediterranea savoury bread,   served

with a salad of fennel and citrus (1,4,8)

€ 18,00

The Gourmet Hamburger
Grilled   hamburger   made with  only beef (gr. 230)
(a podolica  breed 100% from Calabria), Sila potatoes cut and fried in a pan in Evo olive oil, mayonnaise   and   ketchup made by us  and soft sesame bun    made
from  our chef (1,7,11)


€ 15,00

The   Black   Piglet
Wild   Calabrian   black   pig   cooked   at   low-temperature with    berries    of the forest and  summer ratatouille    of steamed  vegetables (8)


€ 18,00

Beef  Sirloin   Cut
Sirloin (trinca in  Calabrian language)    beef of the
Galicia raised in Calabria,  grilled
with red berries and rosemary with  Sila  potatoes   sautè  in the pan (8)


The "Parmigiana"
Parmigiana of aubergine on  fondue of Sila provola cheese DOP


€ 10,00

€ S. Q.

The Local Fish
Periodically  is available fresh fish of the day, do not hesitate to ask the    waiter
what the    proposal of the day is (2,4,14)


To Close in Sweetness

Parfait With Citrus Fruits

parfait made by us to orange, grapefruit,
lemon and cedar of the Riviera (3,7,8)

€   5,00

€   8,00

Scents of Sicily

biscuit's soft, cream and almond mousse
ricotta cheese, orange candied, bavarian to the
pistachio (1,3,6,7,8)


Tartellete with Blueberries

tart with blueberries, a local wild cream

pastry and mint field


€   6,00

The Truffle-Summer Love

tarfufo artisanal delight white chocolate

with a soft heart passion fruit maracuja, the

all covered in coconut (1,3,6,7,8,12 )


€   7,00

The Cup of ice Cream

ice cream flavors of the summer, or to taste

cream (7,8)


€   4,00

€   7,00

The Rhumba

mousse hazelnut lightened cun a pate to

bombs, Rum and hazelnut, biscuit, and cereal

crunchy chocolate (1,3,6,7,8)


The Kisses Belvederesi

chocolate done by us, the recipe of which has been

from the master ice cream maker and pastry chef

Perrucci of Puglia. This is an exclusive Flavors

& Knowledge. Covered on the outside with chocolate

dark chocolate 70% with a heart of nuts, dried figs

local honey figs, organic local. To maintain

minus 20 degrees and it looks crisp

on the outside and soft on the inside (1,3,6,7,8)


€    S. Q.

The Tartare

diced fresh fruit of the Season


€    4,00

The Tartare

diced fresh fruit of the Season


€    4,00

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